Few weeks ago I did a one-day cleanse with Fit’n’Tasty juices. This short detox program is designated to beginners and although I am not a newcomer to juicing and cleansing at all, I wanted to take it slow.

I did not have to worry about anything: the juices were delivered the night before to my house; I received a booklet which explained how to detox correctly, what side-effects I could expect and how to prevent them- by eliminating certain foods from your diet (caffeine, sugar, refined starches, etc.) before the cleanse and drinking loads of water during the detox.

The juices are cold-pressed (the best!) and organic. I could taste each and every ingredient- from strong ginger to mild cucumber and sweet carrot. The bottles are numbered which makes  the whole experience very simple- you just go from 1-5! The nice thing is that if you are hungry, you can eat a small, healthy lunch( during the 1-day detox program). I opted for a homemade pumpkin soup but there are several other recipes in the booklet that you can try.

Although I did only a 1-day cleanse, I could see that my eyes were clearer and I felt very light the morning after. I think that if I continued longer, I would be flying (kidding!).

Did I experience any side effects? Yes. I had a headache and felt very weak but it was more due to the fact that I was coming out of sinusitis and was not 100% healthy. So here goes the biggest lesson for me: detox only when you are in a great physical shape!

I plan to repeat the cleanse after winter. Maybe even for a longer period, who knows? But to be honest, even one day will be great. It is the perfect way to prepare your body for a new season and let it rejuvenate.

What is your experience with detoxing? Do you detox regularly?


I want to share with you some photos from the farmers’ market that we visited the other day. It takes place on Saturday mornings in the center of Geneva. It is full of food stands with fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese and flowers. I like the atmosphere and unique energy that swirls around.



Jacket: Peter Hahn
Cardigan: H&M, similar in grey
Leggings: Esprit, similar option
Over-the-knee boots: KMB
Bag: Chanel

Photos by Alexander Ramp



You’re the best!

There’s a new outfit online, I’m waiting for you!



I don’t detox.. I try to live healthy all’s hard, I sin sometimes, but I am not happy with making shocks to my body with one time detoxes or diets or whatso =D But those juices..hmm, I will think of it =)

Nice pictures from the market ^_^
Have a sweet day,
Michael / facebook / Bloglovin / ig: @majki


This kind of detox sounds like a great idea. Happy Thursday, Miri 🙂


you look stunning, love the look! xoxo


This sounds really interesting. I might have to try this one time, but I like to eat too much! I love your cute jacket and bag!


You look great! I adore your jacket. I’ve never detoxed before but I want to!

Warm Regards,


A detox sounds amazing right now! Love this post!




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