Playa Esterillos Este in Puntarenas

Puntarenas is a beautiful province on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. We booked a beach-front house in Alma del Pacifico Hotel and Spa, rented a car and in 3,5 hours basked in a view of Playa Esterillos Este. As the sea is more aggressive than in Punta Leona, we did not go in much. … Continue Reading

Poás Volcano National Park

Poás Volcano National Park is a favorite tourist and Costa Ricans’ destination. Poás is an active volcano (2,700 meters) and the largest active crater in the world (1,6 km wide). It is recommended to stay maximum 20 minutes in this area because of the sulfuric acid. Most of the time covered by clouds. But we … Continue Reading

Athleisure Style On Holidays

[df_row][col-md-6][/col-md-6][col-md-6_last][/col-md-6_last][/df_row] I am sure you have heard so much about athleisure that you don’t need any tips. I did not like the term for a long time. I am still getting used to it. But I decided to dedicate today’s story to athleisure because it is the best style for holidays. At least in my … Continue Reading

Beautiful Embroidered Dress for Bohemian Summer

Originally I wanted to wear this embroidered dress on the beach as a cover-up. But than I received it, opened the box and fell in love. This dress is too stunning to be worn only on the beach. Just look at those balloon sleeves and cute double tassels! Oh, and don’t get me started about … Continue Reading