Get Your Paléo Festival Ticket Tomorrow

Happy Wednesday, everyone! As I am still jet lagged, I prefer to move today’s article to Friday. I hope you will understand. It is hard to concentrate, not to mention that Chloe-Sofia is a bit cranky and needs a lot of our attention. Yesterday was her first day in daycare after being with us for … Continue Reading

Beautiful Figure Hugging Turtleneck Pencil Dress

I wore this beautiful, figure hugging pencil dress when we went to Cartago. We visited the famous Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels. It was quite cold, windy weather and I wanted to wear something flattering but still feel warm. Believe it or not but the weather can get quite chilly in Costa Rica. … Continue Reading

Hiking to La Fortuna Waterfall

One of the attractions that you have to see when you visit Costa Rica is La Fortuna Waterfall (Catarata Fortuna in Spanish). It is located in Alajuela province and it is an impressive act of nature with 200 feet/ 70 m of total height. If you don’t mind its chilling water, you can dive in … Continue Reading

How to Style Side Lace-Up Leggings

Since Rihanna came up with her side lace-up leggings (from her collaboration with Fenty by Puma) they gained on popularity. But let’s be honest. They are a peculiar piece of clothing. When I tried them on, Alex was puzzled and could not imagine how I was going to wear them. He did not get them. … Continue Reading