Coin Pendant Necklace

Hi everyone, How is your day going so far? Today I would like talk about this heirloom necklace. My mother-in-law gave it to me after I gave birth to Chloe-Sofia. It is a gold-plated Swiss coin from 1935. It is beautiful but I must admit that at the beginning, I was not sure how to … Continue Reading

How to Style Your Cut Off Shorts

Ce texte est également en français I have had these cut off shorts forever. They have a bit of Lycra in them which makes them really comfortable and they fit like a glove. I admit that shorts, mini skirts, simply anything above the knee, do not make me feel comfortable. I am really conscious about … Continue Reading

Charcoal Jumpsuit and Paléo Festival

This charcoal jumpsuit became my favorite as soon as I put it on. It has a faux wrap detail, it is made of the softest jersey and fits like glove. It is flattering and looks perfect with both heels and flats. I got these heels for a DIY project with African wax print fabrics. It … Continue Reading

Pink Ruffle Top and Distressed Hem Jeans

Cet article est seulement en anglais Today was supposed to be about this gingham pink ruffle top but I can’t help and have to start with my sandals. You know that feeling when you put on a pair of new shoes expecting that they will look as amazing as they did online, but they don’t? … Continue Reading

Another Day, Another Gingham Romper

This summer is all about gingham, rompers and anything off-the-shoulder. We shot this black and white gingham romper a few weeks ago. It was windy, the temperature dropped unexpectantly but we still wanted to give it a try. I am surprised how gorgeous the photos are. Surekha got a new lens from Sigma and as you can … Continue Reading