Skinny Jeans and Gingham Top

(Version française ci-dessous) Raise your hand if you have skinny jeans in your closet. I think that they are the most popular style ever. What do I look for in skinny jeans? In my case, they have to make my butt look better and tights slimmer. Anyone can wear skinny jeans if they choose the … Continue Reading

Floral Maxi Dress & Pink Mules

  (Version française ci-dessous) Last year I celebrated Mother’s Day in maternity hospital. Chloe-Sofia was three days old, everything was new and I did not feel like real mother yet. This year, on the other hand, I decided celebrate in style in this floral maxi dress and my favorite pink mules. Since Gucci made mules … Continue Reading

Blush Pink Summer Dress and Nude Tights

Let’s have a look at this dress. Doesn’t it represent perfectly what is in fashion right now? Blush pink, off the shoulder tops and, of course, ruffles. And  it is a wrap dress which makes it even more attractive. When you have curves and want to look elegant and sexy, wrap dress is the way … Continue Reading

The Perfect Tote Bag For Work

Some women are into clothes, others love shoes, my Achilles heel are handbags. I love several brands which, in my view, make the most beautiful bags and in several years I assembled collection of 10 statement handbags that are classic and elegant. I have one rule: never go over 10 handbags in your closet. If … Continue Reading