Lace Hem Jeans – Summer DIY

I really enjoy wearing lace tops and dresses in summer. The other day, when I was going through my old clothes, I found a pair of white jeans that I have not put on for two years. I was about to give them away when I got an idea to customize them with a bit of scalloped … Continue Reading

Asymmetrical Cold Shoulder Top

Version française ci-dessous Happy Monday, everyone! How is your first day of the week going so far? If you remember my post about super comfortable and sexy jeans from, you will like this one as well. Why? Because I got this cold shoulder top at the same place. It is made of soft jersey … Continue Reading

Lemon Print Balloon Skirt

When I was in elementary school, my mom used to make matching clothes for us. The six-year difference did not matter and whether we liked it or not, my sister and I looked like little twins (of different age and color). I remember one time my made a knee-length balloon skirt imprinted with clowns and … Continue Reading