Blue Capsule Dress and Vintage Chanel Bag

   This blue capsule dress is one of my favorite from Missguided. Their dresses are affordable, feminine and made for woman’s body. I have already featured several of their dresses not because they sponsor me (the do not) but because I really like their designs. I am sure it has a lot to do with … Continue Reading

Plant a Tree with WeWood Wood Watches

I always cherish collaboration with a company that is socially and environmentally responsible. When I was approached by WeWood wood watches, I was not 100% sure that their watch would fit in with my style. I like large, modern watch, the style that Alex wears which are too pricey for my budget and heavy. And … Continue Reading

Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress

This black ruffle sweatshirt dress is so comfortable and easy to style. I wanted to wear it with stockings and over-the-knee boots but I fell sick and had to dress a bit warmer. In the end I like this option even more as you can easily wear it during the day with sneakers. Fishnets and … Continue Reading

Becca Has Arrived to Sephora in Manor

   Few weeks ago I was invited to an intimate evening organized by Sephora to celebrate launch of BECCA in Switzerland. We got to know Global Style Director for BECCA Cosmetics Kerry and a makeup artist Elenni. They flew in from New York to share with us their tips and tricks. We talked about beauty, … Continue Reading

Pastel Pink Coat & Chanel Boy

     Every year, when springs starts knocking on my door, when birds start chirping in the morning and there is still light when I am on my way home from work, I start feeling like a new person. Warmer and longer days are coming and I can smell it in the air. I get … Continue Reading

Bright Pink Mini Dress Post-Valentine’s Day

Originally I wanted to feature this bright pink mini dress on Valentine’s Day but it wass just too obvious. Too pink, too sweet and too corny- so jologs as my Filipino girlfriend would say. That is an advantage of having international friends, you learn a lot of slang along the way. Right. Now back to the … Continue Reading

How To Wear Chokers. Please, Don’t Choke.

  What is your relationship to chokers? Unless you spent last couple of years under the rock, you had to notice them. They are big and they are everywhere. Do you like them? Hate them? Do you wear them? Was it Kim K. who managed to take them out of BDSM context or the popularity … Continue Reading

Greenery Top & White Cashmere Sweater

Have you heard of “Greenery”? It was voted the Color of the Year 2017 by Pantone, the World renown authority on color.  It is a refreshing and revitalizing shade, symbol of new beginnings. I see Greenery as a color of peace and meditation. It is like that with most colors that you can find in … Continue Reading