Three Ways To Use Folding Gym Mat at Home

Who would have thought that a folding gym mat can be super versatile, right? When you have a baby, earlier or later, you will have to baby proof your home. At the beginning we thought that “baby proofing”  means corner guards, safety plugs, changing our glass coffee table or take small objects out of her … Continue Reading

Greenery Top & White Cashmere Sweater

Have you heard of “Greenery”? It was voted the Color of the Year 2017 by Pantone, the World renown authority on color.  It is a refreshing and revitalizing shade, symbol of new beginnings. I see Greenery as a color of peace and meditation. It is like that with most colors that you can find in … Continue Reading

Convertible Baby Crib Stokke Sleepi Bed

We got the first crib for Chloe Sofia as a gift from our friends. It was a beautiful wooden crib that lasted until she was 7 months old. As soon as she was able to sit up by herself, we started looking for a crib that would last long. The choice of baby cribs is … Continue Reading

Are You A Millennial Mom?

OUTFIT: Rush and Co Vanina bracelet, H&M t-shirt and leggings and poncho from Peruvian Alpaca. Chloe-Sofia wears Mon Coeur pajamas and Carter’s hoodie. We both wear custom-made crocheted hats from The Czech Republic. Photos by Alexander Ramp. What type of mom are you? Are you a millennial mom? Do you judge other mothers for doing … Continue Reading

Tartan Trim Baby Girl Dress

Chloe-Sofia is wearing NINA headband, KATY long-sleeve body and tartan trim LILY dress all from Séraphine via Féminin Plurielles. Shot in Dôme – Interior Design, Chemin du Triangle 5, 1295 Mies, Switzerland. Photos by Alexander Ramp. When I was pregnant, I made it my mission to buy only gender neutral clothes. I suspected that we … Continue Reading

Stokke Stroller Winter kit

Some things are simply too cool to write about. You have to feel them, see them and experience them… like love, breakup and giving birth. Sorry but it is so true.  I started in this way to prepare ground for what I want to talk about today. And it is not about relationships or having … Continue Reading


Before giving birth, I made a list of essential items. I surmised that I would need all of them (such as Silverette nipple cups), bought them and ended up giving half of them away. The other half is collecting dust in my closet. With so many gadgets on the market it is easy to get … Continue Reading

BABY GIFT BOX – La boîte à cad’Oh

[wc_row][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”] [/wc_column][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”last”]If there was a rule on new-mom gifting, I would definitely push a voucher to a spa or a custom-made jewelry on the top of the list. Talking from the experience, between the oohs and aahs that are reserved for the baby, people forget the mom, who at this stage … Continue Reading