How To Support Fondation Théodora (Theodora Children’s Charity) for Free

This month La Roche-Posay and Swiss Post have teamed up to raise money for Fondation Théodora (Theodora Children’s Charity). A charity whose main goal is to bring smiles to hospitalized children. Their “Giggle Doctors” are professional performers that visit children in hospitals and hospices. And through play, magic and storytelling they aim to improve their … Continue Reading

Having My Nails Done in The Nail Bar

How often do you have your nails done? There is a pressure when you are a beauty or a fashion blogger on looking prim an polished all the time. If I were a student and had more time on my hands, I would easily confirm to this presumption. In an ideal blogger world, I would … Continue Reading

Divine And Intense Fragrance – Olympéa From Paco Rabanne

There is a whole science behind making a memorable fragrance. It takes time, years in fact. There is a store in Geneva that sells unique perfumes made by renown perfumers. Buying one is a long process of talking to the sales assistant, answering her questions and finding the right scent just for you. I discovered … Continue Reading

Cellulite? How To Get Rid Of It.

Believe it or not, I was never crazy about cellulite. Even if the rest of the beauty world things that it is the most important issue under the sun, I do not care. Everyone around me had cellulite no matter if they were curvy or skinny. So if everyone has it, why fighting it? Now … Continue Reading

Satin Hair With Iontec Brush

OUTFIT: Modström lace body, CAROLL skinny jeans, Konplott earrings. Photos by Alexander Ramp. I have naturally curly hair that I get straightened every 3 months with Brazilian keratin. It is makes your hair spaghetti straight until you wash them for the first time. Straightening makes your hair shinier but it does not reduce the frizz.  … Continue Reading