Review of L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT FILLER [HA]

    Few months ago I got a chance to sign up for a review of new anti-aging line from L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT FILLER [HA]. It contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in a L’Oréal Paris skincare ever. And why is hyaluronic acid so important? In fact, it is a substance that is naturally … Continue Reading

Makeup Session With La Selfish

In mid-December I met with Amel, Élise and Sabrina, bloggers from La Selfish. Their blog is about fashion, beauty and food, they are beautiful, smart and funny young women and I liked how kind and nice they were. We met at our house and amidst talks about blogging, life and fashion, Élise did my makeup. As … Continue Reading

skin689 Moisturizing Face Mask for Women and Men

I have been experimenting with a Swiss cosmetics brand skin689 for the last two months. Their anti-cellulite and firming creams are so good that I took them even to the Czech Republic so that I can continue using them daily. Yesterday I tried their skin689 Moisturizing Face Mask for Women and Men that intensively hydrates … Continue Reading

Review of A-DERMA hand cream and lip balm

Today I would like to my review of A-DERMA hand cream and a lip balm that I have been using for the last month. When Chloe-Sofia was two months old she started to have an eczema. You can imagine my surprise because I always used hypoallergenic washing gel and body creams. our Pediatrician prescribed special … Continue Reading

Slowing Down With Slow Âge

Two months ago I signed up to test new Vichy product Slow Âge. A face cream that slows down apparition of aging by addressing directly the root of the problem. Most face creams concentrate on making lines and wrinkles less visible. Slow Âge, on the other hand, aims to slow down their formation. And to … Continue Reading

How to Improve Your Beauty Regimen with Braun Face

Today, I am reviewing Braun Face. A new gadget that cleans and exfoliates your complexion, epilates facial hair and applies makeup. But before we get to it, let me start from the beginning. If there is one thing that I learnt since I had Chloe-Sofia, it is that proper beauty regimen is even more important when … Continue Reading


Cucumber facial mask is one of the oldest and most affordable facial masks that you can make at home. If you are looking for an easy way to brighten, purify and moisturize your complexion (especially if it is oily), look no further. Cucumber it is! It is 95% made of water, low in calories, full … Continue Reading


What fruit is your favorite? If I have to list five, bananas would be on the top. Followed by cherries, apples, strawberries and blueberries. Besides being sweet, filling and simply delicious, bananas are high in antioxidants. They contain high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin. In other words, bananas make you feel better- … Continue Reading