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How To Make Braids and Hair Weave


Since I cut my hair, I discovered new and exciting hairstyles (braids and hair weave) that I want to do in order to let my natural hair grow.

Sometimes I regret that I did the big chop. Other times, especially when I finish in the gym and want to take a quick shower, I appreciate how easy it is to take care of my short hair.

I wish I had the patience to let it grow and sit with it but I get bored easily. The good thing about braids and hair weave is …

Finding Your Authentic Self


A few months ago, I cut my hair short and since then I tried different hairstyles: braids, hair weave and keeping it natural. I thought that cutting my hair short will help me feel more authentic but I learned that authenticity is about how you feel inside.

As much as I like long straight hair, I was tired of the time and money I had to invest in keeping them straightened. I did Keratin treatments on and off for years and just to give you an idea, what it entails:

Short Natural Hair Style


For years I admired women who embraced natural hair. I wanted to do the same but didn’t have enough self-esteem, and when I think about my childhood, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

I grew up in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. My mom is Czech, and my biological father is from Guinea. As you can imagine, I was the only mixed kid at the elementary school and later at the high-school.

To say that people were always fascinated with my skin color and my natural hair would be a euphemism. Their …