How do Swiss celebrate their National Day on 1 August? By having a “Brunch à la ferme” (Brunch on a farm). This year we visited a farm owned by the Piguet family in Le Brassus, a small village in the Vallée de Joux. I liked the brunch and the atmosphere so much that I spontaneously decided to interview the Isabelle Piguet, sister of the owner.

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This podcast is in French, but you can find its English version below.

  1. Can you tell us something about your farm?

We are in Le Brassus, Vallée de Joux. We have a farm with seventy cows that produce milk. They are not here today because they are in the mountains. Every year we organize brunch on 1 August because we like to do that, not to mention, that it gives people an opportunity to discover Swiss agriculture.

      2. Does the brunch bring you something also on a personal level?

Well, we love organizing events, but it is true that at the beginning it was me who had to push my family a bit because I liked the idea. And now it is a habit. Each year we know what to do. Last year we had 400 people, this year we limited it to 160 because we are building a new building. We are proud to be farmers.

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