detox foot pads/ currently wearingdetoxing through feetWhen I heard about Stella Me Detox Foot Pads I was a bit sceptical. Detoxing through your feet? It sounded like some  hocus-pocus pseudomedicine. In my mind, detox meant fasting, juicing or drinking green smoothies. Nevertheless, as I was intrigued and I agreed to try them out mostly because I have no time to go for a massage and have not slept properly since Chloe-Sofia was born. Thus, to be honest, my motivation was a combination of desperation and curiosity.

Stella Me foot Detox Pads/ currently wearing
Stella Me Detox Pads

I even discussed it with my Chinese colleagues who practice traditional Chinese medicine. According to them you can cure cold when you put slices of onion on your feet overnight. I have never tried it but they swear by it. And Stella Me Detox foot pads work on the same principle. Place the detox pads on your feet and fasten them with an adhesive strip. Afterwards you just put on your socks and go to bed. The pads have quite a strong smell (caused by the mix of herbs) and when you put them on, you can feel cooling sensation on your feet.

I tried three different types of detox foot pads:

FEEL HEALTHY & DETOX – for digestive disorder or lack of energy.

DREAM & DETOX – when you feel agitated and suffer from sleep disorder.

STAY STRONG & DETOX – for fatigue.

I liked Dream & Detox foot pads the most. I felt relaxed, a bit spacey to say the least, and it took me 2 hours to “ground myself”.  My body and mind felt clean and refreshed as if I spent the night meditating and was given a full body massage.

Have you heard about getting rid of toxins through your feet before? Have you tried it? How do you feel about it?