Paleo 2016Happy Wednesday, everyone!

As I am still jet lagged, I prefer to move today’s article to Friday. I hope you will understand. It is hard to concentrate, not to mention that Chloe-Sofia is a bit cranky and needs a lot of our attention. Yesterday was her first day in daycare after being with us for three weeks constantly. But every night she sleeps better and I am sure she will be back to our timezone pretty soon.

On another note, I would like to remind my Swiss readers that tomorrow starts “Ticket Market” for the 42nd Paléo Festival* that takes place from 18 to 23 July 2017 in Nyon. Yay!! It is your chance to get or sell your ticket at a fair price. We were quite lucky and got all tickets that we wanted except for Jamiroquai. So we will be looking for tickets for Thursday, 20 July.

Good luck everyone and I hope to see you at Paléo Festival in July!

The Ticket Market goes live at 12:00 (midday) on

Thank you for stopping by and we’ll be back on schedule on Friday with an article about skin care and sunscreens.

 *Paléo Festival is a Swiss version of Coachella that lasts 6 days and welcomes about 40.000 visitors per day.