Babyliss curl secret 2/currently wearing Babyliss curl secret 2/currently wearingperfect curls/ Babyliss curl secret 2_currently wearing

I am not very patient when it comes to blow drying my hair or using a curling iron. I always admired my fellow bloggers whose manage to braid their hair and create elaborate hairstyles. I never managed to create perfect curls no matter which curling iron I tried. I gave up long ago. From time to time I asked my hairdresser to curl my hair or braid them but did not believe I would be able to achieve the same results.

And than I got the opportunity to try the new Babyliss Curl Secret 2. Happy as a clam I accepted the challenge and it immediately became one of my most favorite hair appliances. What surprised me the most was the reaction of my friends and colleagues. Everyone commented, everyone loved it. Some liked my curls so much that they decided to buy it themselves. And you can’t blame them because Babyliss Curl Secret 2 is easy to use, you can choose between big and small curls and they last for a week. What you can see on the photos are 25mm curls. I tried the other head for bigger curls (35mm) but they did not last as long. And I love that the curls loosened as the week passed.

Do you also curl your hair? What curling iron do you use?

Babyliss Curl Secret 25 mm/currently wearingBabyliss Curl Secret 35 mm/currently wearing

Braun multi-grooming kitThe other most favorite product in our home is this Braun All-in-One head to toe grooming kit for men. Braun multi grooming set

It is a very practical multi grooming kit. You can cut your hair, style and trim your beard, shave your chest or trim your nose and ear hairs. It is safe to use in the shower, very light and the heads are easy to change and clean.

While hair clipping is not very relevant for Alex (he does not have much hair), he loves to use the other heads. Especially those for beard trimming, ear & nose trimming and body grooming.

He likes it so much that he takes it with us when we travel. He intends to take it to Costa Rica so that he can look well even when we are on the beach. Needless to say that, in my eyes, he looks perfect no matter what.