blush pink coat_chanel boy bag blush pink coat_chanel inspired coat

 blush pink coat_chanel boy bag
blush pink coat_pastel pink coat
   pastel pink coat_black skinny jeans chanel boy bag_pastel pink coat
currently wearing_chanel boy bag_pastel pink coat
chanel boy bag_pastel pink coat
 chanel boy bag_pastel pink coat

Every year, when springs starts knocking on my door, when birds start chirping in the morning and there is still light when I am on my way home from work, I start feeling like a new person. Warmer and longer days are coming and I can smell it in the air. I get that itching feeling that I need to refresh my wardrobe. Usually, I go for one or two items that are in fashion and that I can easily mix with the rest of my wardrobe. And as it looks like this spring and summer is all about pastel colors, I chose this pastel pink coat from Esprit to celebrate it.

You may look at this coat and wonder what is so special about it. Well, for starter, it is inspired by Chanel’s classic tweed coat. It looks amazing with skinny jeans and a t-shirt. And it will look even better with a pencil dress. It is the type of a coat that will elevate your outfit no matter what you are wearing. Close your eyes and imagine this pastel pink coat with boyfriend jeans, an embroidered white blouse and slippers. Wouldn’t it look amazing? Très chic et à la mode?

By the way, slippers are another fashion’s favorite right now. They took over social media like a storm and together with fishnets, they are the next big thing. But as much as I can digest fishnets and forget their aura of sensuality, I can’t stop associating slippers with those of my grandfather. They were old, grey and definitely not s-e-x-y.

How would you style this pastel pink coat? I would like to hear your ideas and suggestions. Feel free to leave them in your comments.

Thank you for stopping by, big hugs and have a wonderful week!


Esprit pastel pink coat, skinny Mango jeans, Mango t-shirt, Topshop heels and Chanel Boy handbag.

Photos by Alexander Ramp.