e-Commerce meets Fashion in the Ticino Fashion Valley

It is my pleasure to share with you an event organized by NetComm Suisse that I will attend on 13 March 2017. If you are a fashion or personal style blogger, this may be of your interest as well.  E-Commerce meets Fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Valley” is a conference dedicated to e-Commerce and innovation from the fashion perspective.  The list of speakers is long and impressive, from well-known fashion brands to companies operating in digital world. It is a unique occasion to see what is happening, network and learn.

As a fashion & personal style blogger, I am interested in the ways of monetizing my website. There are several options (from AdSense to affiliate marketing) but I want to hear what is new. You can not stop development, you have to go with the flow otherwise you’ll be left behind. I want to learn as much as I can to make my blog even better and more interesting for you, my readers.

The conference takes place in Lugano- have I already mentioned that it is my favorite part of Switzerland? We will spend there the whole weekend. I can’t wait to see our friends, enjoy fresh air, positive energy and to eat in our favorite grottos (traditional restaurants of Swiss-Italian region). Every time we go to Lugano I feel rejuvenated and come back as a new person.

I am pretty curious about this event and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you. I had my new business cards done (I will share more on that in a separate post) and I am “ready to roll” (OK,  network).