skin689 face mask / currently wearingI have been experimenting with a Swiss cosmetics brand skin689 for the last two months. Their anti-cellulite and firming creams are so good that I took them even to the Czech Republic so that I can continue using them daily. Yesterday I tried their skin689 Moisturizing Face Mask for Women and Men that intensively hydrates and moisturizes skin.

skin698 face mask

Everyone welcomes New Year differently: my parents eat lentils soup to “invite money to their life”. My aunt’s house is speck clean to “welcome in the new year with clean slate” and some of friends get their hair and nails done to look their best when the new year begins.

There is a saying in the Czech Republic: “As you do on New Year, you will do the whole year.” Is there something that I would like to change or improve in 2017 when it comes to self-care?  I am good with taking care of my hair but when it comes to facials, I don’t find the time. Unfortunately, once you turn 30, you really have to start taking care of your complexion. It is not only the creams that you use but also regular facials that rejuvenate the skin and make a difference.

I love going to a spa and get pampered. Who would not enjoy that, right? Time is of the essence since I had Chloe-Sofia, thus I appreciate when I can do something at home. I found a lady who comes over to do mani-pedi at home, which is really convenient, practical and cheaper than going to nail salon. I was looking for someone who can do facial at home but after I tried skin689 Moisturizing Face Mask, I have changed my mind. It contains hyaluronic acid (instantly hydrates and relaxes the skin), amino acid complex (moisturizes the skin and nourishes skin cells) and Adenosine (revitalizes and rejuvenates skin).skin 689 moisturizing face maskWhen you unpack the mask, carefully take off both protective foils. Above is the mask with one protective foil, below the mask itself (after I removed both foils). The face mask is very fine so make sure you won’t make the same mistake like I did when I used it for the first time. skin689CURRENTLY WEARING

I placed it on my face for 30 minutes and when I took it off, it looked soft and rejuvenated. My cheeks felt as if I injected them with something that made them look plump and hydrated. Even hours later, my skin looked like anew. I liked the results so much that I have just ordered several packs so that I can use regularly. Call me a hoarder but it is worth it.

skin 689 moisturizing face mask / currently wearing