I really like Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop is one of my favorite websites (Man Repeller being the other one). I like their “Be” section and especially their articles on Postpartum depression and Conscious uncoupling which were instrumental to my own personal growth.

I appreciate and admire that they open topics that other lifestyle websites don’t want to talk about such as sex, monogamy, love and relationships. They have the guts to put themselves out there and stand up to critics, negativity and all internet trolls hiding behind virtual bushes.

Last week, I talked with one male blogger from Sweden who makes podcasts in which he talks about sex and other intimate parts of his life.  I would like to talk about such topics as well but how do I make sure that people won’t project their own ideas and mental blockages on me?  After analyzing it ad absurdum, I still don’t have the answer. Ergo, I have to start writing about it and see where it takes me.

One topic that I have been thinking about lately is sex online, in particular erotic chats. Is visiting online erotic chats same as cheating in a real life? I think so but after reading an article in Porter magazine, I am not so sure anymore. You can’t refute that cheating is much easier in 21st century than before. Aside from websites such as Ashley Madison, the surfeit of dating sites and mobile phone apps liberalized the whole process of cheating.

I know for sure that I consider it as cheating. But not all of my friends feel the same. Some say that as long as their partner does not fall in love with the person on the other side of the screen, it is OK. That marriage after 10, 20 and plus years is not the same. But I still think that it equals cheating because you do something behind your partner’s back. Instead of investing the time (and money) into something that ultimately is not real, you could spend it on/with your partner. The fact that you prefer to seek sexual gratification somewhere else (“grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”) means that you are not fully satisfied with your partner. At this point I would suggest that you look for a new partner. Because online erotic chats are addictive. It is same like gambling. And they are not real- they are based on a lie and playing make-believe.

Any thoughts?

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts that have nothing to do with the reality of my marriage. Just to make it clear. let's talk about sex