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Mango plaid shirt (similar style) and skinny black jeans (love this style ), H&M long-sleeve t-shirt (similar), Chanel handbag (lovely alternative), earrings and ring (similar style) from South Africa and Vans sneakers.

Photos by Surekha Yeshwanth.

If there is one thing that I will always remember from my childhood, it is a plaid shirt that I used to wear. My mom had an obsession with plaid. She loved everything with tartan print which translated in me wearing tartan skirts, plaid pants and shirts every fall and winter.

At high school, I had a pair of plaid pants that I wore constantly until my best friend told me that I should start wearing something else. On the other hand, my entourage had more understanding for my collection of plaid shirts. I had several shirts in different colors: white, black & red, white, yellow & grey and white, black & green.

I love plaid shirts but since I started working, I don’t wear them as often as I used to. In my mind, plaid shirt belongs to those who still go to school. Even though I can’t imagine wearing it to the office, I still wear it on the weekends. What I like about the plaid shirt in today’s photos, is its length. In fact, it is a tunic that you can tie in front. It makes it elegant and casual at the same time. Definitely my go-to look for the weekend.

And you? What is your typical weekend outfit? Below is a roundup of similar plaid shirts now available online. They are all below $55 and available in one click.