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I am wearing: Fire de Murg bracelet, Zara tunic (last season), Beango clutch, Polaroid sunglasses, H&M hat and gladiator sandals from Tamaris.

Photos by Alexander Ramp.

Good morning, everyone!

How was your weekend? We did a small “Tour de Swiss” – Lausanne- Basel- Fribourg. We went to Lausanne to support our friend who produced a play “Rien, plus rien au monde”. It is a one woman show in which the protagonist talks about her unhappy life, marriage and her daughter who does not want to follow the life she envisaged for her (to become a TV star or a model and pay her back all that she “invested” in her). As you get to the end of the play, you realize that she has just killed her daughter and you are witnessing the thoughts that are passing through her mind just moments before arrival of the police.

Basel was all about Art Basel. I must say that I liked this year’s edition the most- it was not modern art that would be shocking, vulgar or incomprehensible. It was very fresh and I enjoyed watching ladies who walked around dressed up or that occasion.  That made the whole experience even more intriguing.

We ended our little trip in Fribourg to visit my lovely mother-in-law. We went for brunch to a cute coffee place close to the train station called Café de l’Ancienne Gare. They had a really good coffee and the food itself was not bad. I recommend trying it out (just don’t expect light dishes). Originally, we planned to go to a little auberge (= an inn) on the outskirts of the city, but it was completely booked. The place looks really lovely and they use only local and bio products so we will definitely try to get there next time we are in Fribourg.

Now, about this look. As I mentioned not so long ago- I love wearing tuniques. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing in summer. I love long, embroidered ones or those with an eye-catching print. I wore this outfit together with a statement necklace (you have seen a green version here) to watch the regatta Bol d’Or Mirabaud. What I like about statement necklaces is that they uplift even the most simple outfit. In fact, they look much better worn with a simple shirt and wide pants or with a loose shirt dress. I would not even belt the dress to create more dramatic effect.

And you? How do you wear your tunic?