White sand

white sand

We shot these photos just around the house. There is a beach volleyball field covered by soft, white sand. This was the first time that it was empty and we could use it. Most of the time, people play on it until the sunset. I am not a fan of volleyball per se, but I love sand. It reminds me of the sea, evokes the smell of seaweed and the sea shells so big that when you hold them up to your ear you can hear the ocean.

We could not hear the ocean on that day…What we heard were the seagulls above the lake and wind playing in the trees. It was the day of The Bise- a cold, persistent wind coming from the Northeast. The fall is coming, I could feel it in my bones…

Have a great, relaxing weekend. I look forward to see you back on Wednesday!

 white sand2i

white sand8



white sand0

white sand

white sand1

white snd



Top: Blonde Monsters
Jeans: Caroll, similar here and here
Bag: YSL, similar style here and here
Earrings: L’Autre boutique in Geneva

Photos by Alexander Ramp