Couture Fedora Felt Hat made By Vanja Jocic

Have you ever met a milliner? Do you know what this word mean? Some of my friends never heard about millinery in their life. I guess that it is quite common if you are not into fashion and never heard of Vivienne Westwood or Philip Treacy. When Vanja Jocic contacted me at the end of … Continue Reading

Cooking With BeyondFood: almond crusted sea bass fillet, leeks & “beurre blanc” sauce

I found out about BeyondFood from our friends who use the service and sing their praise. I don’t enjoy cooking, it is Alex who cooks at home to my delight. He is an amazing cook so it is easy to let him take care of cooking. BeyondFood is a flexible subscription service that delivers once … Continue Reading

Review of L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT FILLER [HA]

Few months ago I got a chance to sign up for a review of new anti-aging line from L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT FILLER [HA]. It contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in a L’Oréal Paris skincare ever. And why is hyaluronic acid so important? In fact, it is a substance that is naturally in our … Continue Reading

First Snow Of 2017

OUTFIT: Custom-made felt hat By Vanja Jocic, Tallis Verbier Maxi ethical fur worn as a collar, Cameo skirt, Polaroid sunglasses, Atelier Laure Paschoud jacket, Wolford tights, Sorel boots and Chanel handbag. Photos by Alexander Ramp. Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? We woke up on Saturday, looked out of the window and saw the … Continue Reading

Are You A Millennial Mom?

OUTFIT: Rush and Co Vanina bracelet, H&M t-shirt and leggings and poncho from Peruvian Alpaca. Chloe-Sofia wears Mon Coeur pajamas and Carter’s hoodie. We both wear custom-made crocheted hats from The Czech Republic. Photos by Alexander Ramp. What type of mom are you? Are you a millennial mom? Do you judge other mothers for doing … Continue Reading

Personalized Childbook by Fleurus Éditions

This is the most original and cute present that I have given to Alex so far. I got to know French publishing house Fleurus Éditions while I was in Paris last year. I find their idea of creating personalized books for children truly amazing. Because, who would not love to become the hero of his/ … Continue Reading

Makeup Session With La Selfish

In mid-December I met with Amel, Élise and Sabrina, bloggers from La Selfish. Their blog is about fashion, beauty and food, they are beautiful, smart and funny young women and I liked how kind and nice they were. We met at our house and amidst talks about blogging, life and fashion, Élise did my makeup. As … Continue Reading

Cold Saturday Morning By The Lake

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was super cold. We took these photos on Saturday morning and I can say that I felt frozen most of the time we were by the lake. And as Alex will tell me as soon as he reads this post- it was all my fault. I wanted … Continue Reading