My Favorite Korean Beauty Products

You know what they say: there is something about Korean beauty products. And they are right. My love with Korean beauty products began last year when a friend of mine, who is South Korean, gave me a nourishing cream for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. After few days I noticed that my skin looked plump and … Continue Reading

Floral Print Summer Dress

Happy Thursday, everyone. How is your week going so far? Ours was quite busy. It is the second week that we are back in Geneva, it is raining and the difference in temperature is palpable. Alex got sick over the weekend and Chloe-Sofia followed. Last night my mother-in-law came back from Costa Rica and today … Continue Reading

African Designers and Creativity At Afrodyssée

If you are in Geneva next weekend make some time to visit Afrodyssée. It is an event dedicated to promoting  African creativity in the fields of fashion, design and craftsmanship. And not only that. Its aim is to offer deep cultural, culinary and intellectual experience. As such it fits perfectly within the context of the … Continue Reading

Ceiba Tree in Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano National Park is another attraction that you have to see when you visit Costa Rica. You can choose different paths to hike through the park but with Chloe-Sofia on our back, we chose the shortest one which took us to the Ceiba tree. The Ceiba tree is a tropical tree that leaves long-lasting … Continue Reading